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flect the opinions of Panview or scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagram▓Please scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNothing can be▓ more heartbreaking for a family than w▓hen their child goes missing.New technologies give hope to missing children's familiesNew technologies give hope to mi▓ssing childr


en's families05-22-2017 17:42 BJTNothing can be more heartbreaking for a family than when their ch▓ild goes missing. At first, they could be in denial assuming the child is temporarily lost and may ▓soon find them. But as the minutes go by and an hour or tw▓o later, the parents begin to panic.They realize it's no longer a joke as they may have thought the child was just hiding to be naughty. And

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n return safely home.Here's where every moment c▓ounts, a time for action or risk losing the▓ child, perhaps for the rest of their lives. They sh▓ould alert the people nearby them, but if there had been an abduction by a total stranger the

n more must be done.'Amber Alert' for ChinaIn the United States, la▓w enforcement authorities work with the public to issue announcements when a child goes missing, known as 'Amber Alerts.'When local police determine a child is missing, they alert other polic

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